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Switch Aero Systems from REDSFIFT is an innovative product from USA.

In the morning training with triathletes and in the evening with your roadbike friends ?

No need to have two bikes or disamount the aerobards by tools.

The basic mounts always stay on your handlebar and you just fix the aerobar extension by quickrelease in a few seconds.


Acessories: (must be ordered seperatly)

- 4 x 10mm spacers to rise the armrests up to the height of 20mm.

- 4 shims for smaller handlebars with 26mm diameter




640 g/pr  ALLOY L-bend extensions with no stack spacers

630 g/pr  ALLOY S-bend extensions with no stack spacers

564 g/pr  CARBON S-bend extensions with no stack spacers

Pad Height (A)

Minimum - 75 mm
Maximum - 98 mm (with two stack spacers, must be ordered seperatly)

Pad Setback (B)

Minimum - 30 mm
Maximum - 81 mm

Pad Width (C)

Minimum - 108 mm
Maximum - 165 mm

Extension Length (D)

368 mm L-bend

362 mm s-bended

Extension Rise (E)

100 mm L-bend

50mm s-bended

Extension Diameter (F)

22.2 mm (compatible with industry-standard extensions)

Handlebar Clamp Width (G)

22 mm

Handlebar Diameter

31.8 mm compatible
26.0 mm compatible (by using shims , acessory must be orderd seperatly)


6061-T6 aluminum and carbon


Product variations
Form: L-bended
184.90 *
Form: S-bended
184.90 *
S-bended carbon
Form: S-bended carbon
249.00 *
Form: Computerhalter
29.90 *
Ersatz Armpads
Form: Ersatz Armpads
18.90 / set(s) *
Basishalter Aerobars für Zweitrad
Form: Basishalter Aerobars für Zweitrad
49.90 *
Universal Computerhalter
Form: Universal Computerhalter
10.00 *
Computer- Zubehörhalter
Form: Computer- Zubehörhalter
29.90 *
Basisträger für Trinkflasche
Form: Basisträger für Trinkflasche
24.90 *
Spacer 4 x10mm
Form: Spacer 4 x10mm
19.90 *
Lenkerhülsen 26mm auf 31.8mm
Form: Lenkerhülsen 26mm auf 31.8mm
19.90 *
Redshift Computerhalter
Form: Redshift Computerhalter
29.90 *
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