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Switch Aero Systems von REDSHIFT is innovative product from the USA.


you don't have to decide buiding uo an Tri-Bike or Road-Bike.

This seatpost allows you to decide while riding, if you want to ride in roadbike-position (rear-position) or Triathlon-Aero-Position. (front-position)

All without any tool.

Riding on hilly course: choose rear position for optimum powertransfer to you pedals and best handling on tricky descents.

You don't need to stop, just push the saddle back with your butt or till it to front by hand.


The seattube angle change by around 4°  from standard 72.5 (roadbike geometry) to 76.5° (Triathlonbike Geometry)

The saddle not only moves to front but also up, so that the distance from saddle to pedal remain same.


Seatpost diameter is generally 27.2mm , not avaible for aeroshape seatposts.

We are offereing several bushings to fit the inner seattube diameter.




400 g - 27.2 mm x 350 mm

Seatpost diametr (A)

27.2 mm

Seatpost length (B)

350 mm

Minimum Insert (C)

75 mm

Saddleposition to back
Road Position (D)

16 mm
(Seatpostcenter to center of clamp)

Saddleposition to front
Aero Position (E)

34 mm
(Seatpostcenter to center of clamp)

Total movement
Road to Aero Position

50 mm (changing seatpost angle
3-4 degree (for example Road 72.5° to Aero 76.5°)

Saddlerail compatibility

Standard 7 mm round


seatpost and linkage 6061-T6 Aluminum
seatclamp 7075-T6 Aluminum

Read the opinion of a bikefitter published in triathletejune 2014


The author, Jonathan Blyer, is the owner of Acme Bicycle Co., a high-end bike fit studio in Brooklyn. New York.  We met with Jonathan back in January in his fitting studio and gave him a run-through of the system.  As an experienced road and triathlon bike fitter, he is familiar with the challenges and pitfalls one encounters when putting clip-on aero bars on a road bike.  Converting a road bike to a tri bike aero position requires more than just aero bars:

"Setting up a road bike with typical clip-on aerobars comes with compromises: Finding a powerful position is difficult without jamming the saddle far forward, and a seatpost that pushes the saddle toward the bars improves comfort in the aerobars but can contribute to hand numbness, shoulder fatigue and sketchy handling when riding in the road position.  Redshift has a solution."

He was intrigued by the versatility that the system offered, and verified the bike fit ramifications of the Switch Aero System using the Retul dynamic bike fit system, a system of cameras that lets the fitter take detailed measurements of both the bike and the rider while the rider is pedaling.  The Retul measurements confirmed the benefits of the forward seatpost triathlon position

"...shifting the seatpost forward cause the rider's minimum hip angle to open up 5 degrees when riding in the aerobars. Dropping into a low position on aerobars can stress the hips and this 5 degree difference provides relief equivalent to lifting the bars by approximately 5 centimeters."

His testing wasn't limited to the studio - he also tested both the quick-release clip-on aero bars and dual-position adjustable seatpost out on the road:

"We tested the system on the road and found the two-position seatpost to be very secure.  It never accidentally shifted between settings, even over rough roads.  The aerobars are comfortable and, despite the quick release, felt as solid as any ordinary clip-on."

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